Heartburn: Heartburn Treatment and Management

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Relief and Management
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Heartburn Treatment and Management

Good news for all you heartburn sufferers - there are many helpful management options out there.

Why suffer from heartburn when there may be something you can do about it? Managing your heartburn could just be a matter of revising your diet, taking non-prescription or prescription products, or adjusting your lifestyle.

Since not all heartburn is alike and not everyone suffers to the same degree, it's important to understand the different treatments so you can find the one that's right for you. Whatever treatment you choose or your healthcare professional recommends, make sure you read medication labels carefully. If your symptoms continue or get worse, consult your healthcare professional immediately.

Just like there are many causes of heartburn, there are many remedies. Understanding them is the first step to relief.

> Antacids
> Proton Pump Inhibitor
> H2 Blockers
> Lifestyle Changes
> Diet Management