Heartburn: Heartburn Diet Management

Heartburn Diet Management

Eat smaller meals

Big meals could mean big trouble. Instead of three big meals, try eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

Eating smaller meals can take some of the load off your digestive system. With smaller amounts of food to digest, less stomach acid is needed - lowering your chances of heartburn.

Avoid certain foods

Spicy foods are the most commonly reported food that triggers heartburn. Check out Heartburn Causes for a list of foods that commonly trigger heartburn.

Don't go to bed on a full stomach

It's important to let your food digest 2-3 hours before going to bed or lying down.

Eat healthier

Eating healthier is always a good idea. Try to avoid fast food restaurants or other high-fat foods. Higher-fat meals tend to stay in stomach longer. The longer food stays in the stomach the longer the potential for heartburn.