Heartburn: Frequent Heartburn

Frequent Heartburn

What is frequent heartburn?

Almost 50 million Americans suffer from frequent heartburn. Frequent heartburn is heartburn that occurs two or more times a week. Over time, this problem may become severe enough to damage your esophagus.

How serious is frequent heartburn?

No matter how mild the symptoms are, if you get heartburn or acid reflux more than once a week, it's important to talk to a health care professional. Even frequent heartburn that has mild symptoms can lead to more serious health issues. And your frequent heartburn could be a sign that you have GERD or a more serious problem.

What can I do about my frequent heartburn?

If the symptoms are mild or moderate your doctor may suggest a strong antacid like TUMS Ultra®. However, if you suffer from more severe frequent heartburn a PPI may be right for you. Ask your doctor if a PPI could help manage your frequent heartburn symptoms.